The invention of Chinese ceramics

China invented as early as 8,000 years ago, ceramics, is the world‘s firstfiring and use of pottery by State
Z. This invention marked human Neolithic age (about 10,000 years from now~4000 years ago)
The beginning, throughout this era has always been an important symbol.Pottery from its own features and benefits
Widely used at the time, not only dramatically changed the lifestyle of thepeople of that time, recorded the new stone age
Times of economic, cultural, religious, ethnic, national origin as well asweather and geographical conditions, is
We study the original appearance of the ancient society and history, rareand precious materials.
Early pottery in China, is famous for its Neolithic age the most. When isthe height of the pottery of the Neolithic age
When people use their wisdom and efforts, firing a large number ofdistinctive, colorful pottery
And despite a brilliant chapter in the history of Chinese ceramic culture.
Pottery is a malleable clay, after wetting by water, forming, drying, at 700~
1000 at low temperature in the firing of the solid products, is theearliest by a physical change and chemical reaction
Causes an object to itself to change the kinds of creative activities.
There are many myths and legends about the origin of pottery, then they maybe from the age of ancient light
Forgotten ancestor of the pottery, also might want to look up and point z-dependent upon God, we have
God of farming and pottery and Shun Tao in Riverside, Ning Fengzi Tao Zheng headed, female worm soil
Made man , express, express the memory of ancient history and pedigrees.
Of course, the pottery cannot be God‘s gift to mankind, it must be ancientancestors and nature
Keep fight, experience, labor and the crystallization of the wisdom andcoagulation. GUI origins, and many elements are
Can’t live without: awareness of clay, fire, storage needs, agriculture andsedentary life
The exhibition, which contribute significantly to the generation of pottery.
The invention of pottery in ancient people‘s production and influence oflife and social organization of social
Economic forms from the collection, pig is King the transition toagriculture and fisheries (including livestock) is King, human society
From the age of barbarism in times. It reflects the human awareness ofwater, Earth, fire, and
Grip, opened the beginning of national traditional culture, architecture,sculpture and arts and crafts for the future laid the Foundation
Foundation, is a Neolithic symbol of human civilization.