Charm and history of Jingdezhen ceramics

Charm and history of Jingdezhen ceramics


Mentioned Jingdezhen, everyone certainly will thought porcelain of are this title, Yes, Jingdezhen porcelain to its childish of porcelain and is famous for its world, so and development became China of and a porcelain city, this a history origin can dates back to song and Han, early in Han period, Jingdezhen ceramic began rise, but in at does not is famous for its, just limited to just began development just, know song, Jingdezhen ceramic only began gradually of was people by praised, and cut popular Yu at, has been development to now, was people called porcelain of are.


Song is a particular dynasty, Song dynasty pot, and especially the development of Commerce and industry is flourishing, but the military lacks ambition. But the impactcannot be place in history in the Song dynasty, especially the development of ceramics of Song dynasty, emerged in a summary of work and milestones. For the song, eat white porcelain began to manufacture, as a sign of quiet standing in the Song dynasty ceramics, slow passage of time, stream is known as the Ming and Qing dynasties, and Yuan dynasty, Yuan, Ming and Qing three dynasties also left an indelible influence on development of Jingdezhen ceramic marks, play miracle influential role. Isour country, and a special mark in the history of world ceramics. Jingdezhen‘s ceramics during this period achieved great development.

Among them, known as art ceramics, ceramics have made so famous. Especially white porcelain development of more powerful, smooth surface, clear sweet voice, verymoist as jade, ceramic is very thin, very aesthetic and artistic values, it is difficult! And, Jingdezhen ceramic not only quality process advanced, leading Yu contemporary famous of porcelain production to, and its varieties of range, styling of delicate also for people by dumping, Jingdezhen ceramic of development basically can representative has China porcelain industry of development, in decorative porcelain of field within, emerged out a large number of different of style, like blue-and-white porcelain, bucket color, Zhu indicate technique, everyone by known of blue-and-white porcelain, is Jingdezhen ceramic of and has a representative works.


Once regarded as typical of ceramic art in the world, is a milestone in the development of the Han dynasty in ancient China, especially ceramics. Jingdezhen ceramic decoration after divorce fashion dynasties of development and progress, has developed into a range of different styles, some of the Jingdezhen ceramics equipped and intent, this decoration means good luck, home and everything, is a masterpiece on thehistory of porcelain in the Qing dynasty used to decorate ceramics. At that time, fishrepresents more than representing jade, ceramic decoration also have fish patterns the majority. All in all, Jingdezhen ceramics is a miracle in the history of ceramics in China, an important milestone.

Brief description of the development of Jingdezhen ceramics

In Jingdezhen ceramic industry began in the Han Chinese world “(Eastern Han Dynasty, ad 25 – 220 years), pottery at this time” quality is very rough, very thick body, glaze pale and rough, only near the vulgar rough use “not exported. Therefore, the impact of the and, is very limited.
Jingdezhen region “soil and water should Tao, Chen (Chen 557 – 589) since the native industry, Tao Zhen since Chen on behalf of the name of the world.” Eastern Jin Dynasty (A. D. 317 – 420 years) Kai Zhao of Jingdezhen ceramic glaze preparation, forming and roasting process were a series of major reform, to the development of Jingdezhen change from pottery to porcelain made an important contribution, known as the “porcelain division master”, the temple was dedicated. Northern and Southern Dynasties, Chen Zhide years million years capital construction of the palace, Chen Xin Ping Zhen, Zhao firing porcelain base into the Royal; Sui Dynasty (581 – 618) industry, Zhen Xin Ping made “the lion, like two great beasts, Feng Yu Xianren Palace”, to the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907), the Five Dynasties (AD 907 – 960), Jingdezhen ceramics has begun to Mingyangtianxia. “Pottery kiln, the early Tang Dynasty, soil except white soil, body slightly thinner, pigment wetting” and “fake jade”, “town bell show people Tao firing”, “Tao Yuxie porcelain in the Guanzhong, and tribute in North Korea, and Chang Nan Zhen porcelain is famous all over the world”, “Huo kiln, kiln porcelain color pigment, soil good greasy, quality thin good smooth as jade, Dongshan people in the hall Zhongchu, then call for Huo”. Yi Zhizai: “Tang Wude four years (AD 621 years) the new civilian Huo Zhong elementary system into the royal.” According to archaeological discoveries, the kiln in Jingdezhen Five Dynasties promulgated far and wide, eighteen, especially the continuation of six or seven hundred years old Hutian ancient kiln, the largest impact far. These kilns are fired celadon and white porcelain. Green tone gray, pure white. And white porcelain body are fine, light transmission is good, the sintering temperature has reached 1150 – 1200 DEG C, and the porosity is 0.8%, the porcelain is degree of more than 70%. Objects are plates, bowls, pots, boxes, water supply and so on, to dish bowl. This shows that the Five Dynasties of Jingdezhen with her to south the earliest Shaozao white porcelain and white porcelain high achievement, laid the status of their own, thus breaking the monopoly of celadon in the South and “Green White North” pattern, for the production of the Song Dynasty blue and white porcelain, the yuan, Ming, Qing porcelain development has a very important role.
The Song Dynasty, Jingdezhen porcelain with smart, elegant, beautiful and famous for its celadon shadow. This shadow celadon (white porcelain) is based on the five generation of firing celadon and white porcelain on the successful firing. Shadow celadon porcelain processing delicate, “jade bone Suji” reputation, Pan Qing white glaze, blue in the white, moist like jade, porcelain glazed engraved with various fine patterns, three mutually with, add radiance to each other, complement each other, forming “color than Joan nine,” the shadow of green porcelain. It has fine scenery, clear and elegant, “Mao beauty” Zhuo about grace becomeu=3313392579,2667314740&fm=21&gp=0u=4171190735,776054577&fm=21&gp=0 a very precious varieties, so that Jingdezhen among the forest in the Song Dynasty kilns.
Jingdezhen porcelain in the Song Dynasty prosperity has been presented, according to archaeological discoveries, the Song Dynasty kilns distribution up to 30, with kiln “more than 300 seat, ceramic type to hundreds of species. Jingdezhen song not only firing out of the moist, such as jade, a wide variety of shadow celadon carved porcelain, and successfully burned to create a large number of different shapes, style unique shadow celadon porcelain and the imitation to create a variety of color glaze porcelain.
The Yuan Dynasty Jingdezhen create successful firing of blue and white porcelain and underglaze red porcelain, which is two very unique and valuable category. Blue and white coloring, color stable, decoration never faded off, and pretty quiet and elegant style, simple and beautiful. Guangrun translucent blue glaze and bright and clean and elegant white with the clever, foil each other, the features of considerable Chinese ink painting and this is a sign of transferred from plain porcelain for the arrival of a new era of porcelain, blue and white porcelain of Yuan Dynasty with the multi-level, full screen, prioritize installed decorative features and to painting for the main and carving, planning, printing of the decorative techniques, for the development of ceramic art in China opened the a new way. Underglaze red to red copper material in fetal painting, decoration cover in a transparent glaze, at high temperature and reducing atmosphere in the firing, glaze show red pattern porcelain firing difficulty big, colorful that today it is a very precious porcelain category. Underglaze red porcelain decoration alone, also can combine with the blue and white, called underglaze red, both glorified and very expensive.
Outstanding achievements have been made in the high temperature color glaze firing. The establishment of “Shufu” porcelain in 1278 Fuliang porcelain Bureau palm burning, thick matrix is lost through shape, color white Weiqing, like goose egg color (also known as the “egg white glaze”). The white and moist Shufu egg white glaze is blue and underglaze red porcelain for the emergence and development of foundation, but also for the future of glaze on the development of “pure white” color and the early Ming Dynasty porcelain porcelain playing a certain foundation. Other glaze, such as the emergence of red glaze, blue glaze, glaze, marking the people on a variety of color agent hair color rules has a skilled master, Jingdezhen porcelain colorful decoration, ending before the Yuan Dynasty porcelain glaze mainly imitation jade silver situation, herald the arrival of a new era.